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4 min readJun 29, 2021


Compact but powerful, thought the battery was low but also lasted up to 7 hours

In the smartphone world, there are not so many small phones anymore, but then the iPhone 12 mini was born as Apple ‘s test for a segment of users who prefer small but powerful smartphones. Let’s review the iPhone 12 mini in detail through this article.
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Iphone 12mini on the hand

Is the tiny design of the iPhone 12 mini really that small?

Temporarily ignoring the size parameters of the iPhone 12 mini, I will quickly describe to you that the feeling of holding the iPhone 12 mini is like holding an iPhone 5 before. After many months of holding large screen phones, the feeling of holding the iPhone 12 mini in my hand is a bit disappointing, a bit small compared to the previous phones I held.

Back 10 years ago, when the iPhone 4 was born, I felt that the phone at that time had a really large screen, very eye-catching, even though it was only 3.5 inches in size. And now in my hand is the iPhone 12 mini, which has a similar size, but the screen is changed to 5.4 inches.

The only difference now is that the screen of the iPhone 12 mini has no longer two upper and lower borders, but overflows almost the entire outside, so the size may remain the same but the screen is larger. So actually the iPhone 12 mini is not too small, it’s just that the development of phones is getting bigger and bigger, so this new phone is called iPhone 12 mini.

After a week of using iPhone 12 mini, I feel that this phone is quite reasonable in size. I can fit in my pants pocket, shirt pocket and in the process of leaving the phone with me like this, I feel very comfortable operating, no longer needing the phone with large screen devices. Along with the small size, the weight of the device is also reduced, making holding the iPhone 12 mini feel much lighter.

Surely everyone knows that the iPhone 12 mini has a flat side design like the iPhone 5 generation. In fact, when I use it, I feel that this side is not so sharp that I can’t peel an apple, when I hold it, it feels like it will be a little bit tight, but in return, I feel more solid than the curved edge. And one more thing, the side of the iPhone 12 mini is also quite easy to scratch, along with the back is quite easy to stick to fingerprints. So to keep the appearance of the device always new, I think you need to use an extra case.

For me, when I am used to large screen phones, iPhone plus or max generation, it is very difficult to return to such a small size. As for those who are used to using the small screen iPhone , the iPhone SE generation, the iPhone 12 mini will be a great upgrade choice for their needs.

As a small phone, will the iPhone 12 mini have low battery life?

That’s not only my opinion, but also many others’ thoughts. I even tested the battery life of the iPhone SE 2020 and the result was just over 4 hours of continuous use. That is also why I feel a bit worried about the iPhone 12 mini because this phone also possesses a configuration as strong as the entire iPhone 12 series. Return to the standard battery review with the following conditions:

  • Experience 4 rotating tasks including: Play Lien Quan, watch YouTube, surf Facebook and use the browser (Safari).
  • Each task takes 1 hour.
  • Screen brightness: 100%.
  • Plug in a wired headset all the way through.
  • Turn on WiFi and social media notifications.
  • Do not enable battery saver, adaptive display, GPS and Bluetooth.
  • Score from 100% to 0%.

The result is 7 hours 10 minutes of continuous use. In such a condition that consumes a lot of battery capacity, the iPhone 12 mini can last for more than 7 hours which is a very good thing. However, I will have more detailed reviews of the battery life of the iPhone 12 mini so that you can have a better view of the battery life of this device. As for me, after more than a week, I found that this device’s battery is not enough to use if I play a lot of games, use 4G to connect to the internet regularly to surf social networks, I have to charge it in half a day.

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